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Rubber and Bondage is the premeire provider of HD video content featuring hardcore latex fetish, bizarre bondage and submissive female porn on the web. RubberandBondage.com was founded in 2006 as one of the first latex themed device, bizarre bondage, and submissive female sites on the web. It is still the best place to find hardcore rubber bondage, submissive female fetish sex, BDSM, domination and girl on girl or guy on girl kink. Join RubberandBondage.com and get the kinkiest latex bondage fetish scenes around, all in high definition video renders and high definition streaming video with loads of pics for download and online galleries. The beautiful submissive women at Rubber and Bondage are sexually dominated by powerful dominant women or men. They are often placed in tight bondage, then spanked, disciplined, flogged, caned, punished, tormented, fucked, humiliated, and/or brought to orgasm. Hot naked women from first-timers to porn stars, amateur girls to kinky sluts, are all bound and sometimes fucked at RubberandBondage.com

RubberandBondage.com’s mission is to create the most authentic combination of sexy women wearing latex, strict bondage and bizarre predicaments. Rubber and Bondage strives to provide an experience for you the viewer and that of our female submissive that is full of realism and truth. We are advocates of BDSM and fetishism. We care about the fetish community at large and we empower people to explore their sexuality. Dynasty Trade Media was started in 2006 by Gwendolyn CheminDefer after launching her first free website - RubberDynasty.com - and since learned the interior and exterior process of the adult entertainment industry. Her hope is to continue to grow as the premeire female owned and operated adult rubber fetish/BDSM content provider. Gwen hopes Dynasty Trade Media will be recognized as one of the world's most respected companies promoting the acceptance of alternative human sexuality.

The Dynasty Trade studio is headquartered in Los Angeles.